Henrik Jonsson

About me

I like efficiency.

When things are broken, that wastes time, so I try to push such systems towards simplicity any way I can.

I like computers to tell me what I need to know, like that I just broke something, rather than needing to search for answers.

I realize working in technology still is all about solving problems for people, using systems and processes made by people.

I believe in optimizing processes and solid engineering as a good way to spend our time, over pushing for getting things done the “quick and dirty way”.

I'm all about the idea of building large complex systems that are still reliable and fast by composing together small simple pieces that make sense individually.

The possibility of building decentralized, permissionless systems to do things where we earlier needed large organizations intrigues me, and I want to see where that will lead.

I've been following Bitcoin for some years, and as of Oct 2017 I am spending all my time learning about this technology. I'd like to continue learning about the fundamentals and finding how to best help educate others and otherwise contribute, so I'm not currently interested in traditional opportunities. I am open to teaching or otherwise helping educate others in exchange for bitcoin however.